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Terms and Conditions

Every member agrees to be bound by the rules, bye-laws and regulations of PST upon acceptance as member. All members must be aged 18 years or older.

Annual Membership Fee
The annual membership fee is payable in advance, and may be increased by the management after noting the recommendations of the Membership Committee.

Membership Categories
At its discretion, the Management may offer a range of membership categories, with special Terms & Conditions applied to some or each of those categories. Currently available are Standard and V.I.P. Membership Packages. All memberships run for 12 months from the date of acceptance excluding those bought before the club opens which will run for 12 months from the opening date. All cardholder benefits are subject to the door policy and capacity at PST.

Standard Members may up-grade their membership to V.I.P. at any point during the membership term by paying the difference in fees. Any introductory discounts valid at the time of initial purchase will not be applied.

V.I.P. Membership
On special occasions V.I.P. members may be granted the facility to sign in additional guests if discussed and agreed with the membership management at least 24 hours in advance.

To avoid queuing V.I.P. members must notify the management no later than 7pm on the day of attendance together with the number of guests they will be bringing.

V.I.P. members will be required to purchase tickets in advance for all ticketed events in order to receive queuing privileges. Both additional guestís benefits and queuing privileges will be held in place until 2am. Repeated requests without take-up will result in suspension of these benefits for the remainder of the membership term.

V.I.P. membership privileges do not extend to Standard members in the same party.

On occasions when the club is booked by an outside party the members will receive their 50% discount in the form of a voucher, to be spent inside the club, when they pay their entry fee or show their pre-purchased tickets at the door.

Application Procedure
Each new application will be considered at the next Membership Committee meeting. The Membership Committee will have absolute discretion as to whether to accept or decline an application for membership.

If there are no objections and the applicant is accepted, the applicant will be informed, and will become a member, subject to due payment being received. If the membership list is closed at the time, the applicant will remain on the waiting list until further notice.

No reason shall be given for refusal of an application at any stage.

An application form for a previously rejected applicant may be submitted one year after notification of the initial rejection.

All information in relation to any application, whether or not successful, will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Members must supply a passport-style photograph for their membership card and inform us immediately of any changes to their contact details.

Membership Review
Memberships may be reviewed at any time in order to ensure best practice. Membership subscription levels, features and benefits may be subject to occasional modifications. Any such variation in service will not constitute a breach of contract. Membership is offered in good faith and at the complete discretion of the committee.

The membership committee retain the right to withhold, cancel or suspend any membership at any time and without notice.

Membership will not be deemed to have been finalised until payment has been received. In certain circumstances applicants may pay the year’s membership by cheque but membership will not become finalised until cleared funds have been received.

In subsequent years, membership may be suspended until full payment has been made.

Membership Cards
Membership cards will be issued to all members and must be used on EVERY visit to gain entry to PST.

Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the membership secretary, and a replacement will be provided. Any subsequent replacements will be provided at a charge of £5 per card.

The Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any member who fails to produce their card, or who refuses to pay the replacement fee.

Any member lending their card to another person for usage (even if that person is also a member), will have their membership automatically cancelled.

Any member wishing to resign his/her membership may do so at any time by writing to the management of PST. Any member who resigns his/her membership will not be entitled to a refund of the annual membership fees paid for that year. Membership transfers are not allowed.

Membership does not infer credit entitlements. All items must be paid for at the time of purchase.

Standard Members may bring up to 2 guests at any one time. V.I.P. members may from time to time be allowed to bring additional guests strictly by prior arrangement only. Only guests aged 18 or over are allowed in the club.

Guests will be required to leave their full name at reception before being granted entry. Members will be responsible for their guests’ behaviour under all circumstances and the Management reserves the right to exclude a guest or ask them to leave the club at their sole discretion and without explanation.

Membership privileges and discounts do not extend to guests.

Third Party Services
Members acknowledge that some services are provided to PST by third parties, and, although PST will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that these services are available to members, PST cannot and does not give any warranty, representation or guarantee as to the availability or level of performance of any such service.

Club Property
Any member who wilfully removes, damages, or destroys any article or property belonging to the club, or to its members, or to guests on the premises will be liable to expulsion.

Any destruction, damage or theft shall be paid by the member, subject to a 30 day period during which a member may present an explanation or dispute the claim.

PST Management WILL report any member or guest found acting illegally to the relevant authorities.

Drugs Policy
PST operates a Zero Tolerance Drugs Policy. Any member or guest found in possession of illegal substances will be immediately expelled and they will be reported to the relevant authorities. Members will have their membership revoked with immediate effect. Members who bring guests later found in possession of drugs will undergo an immediate membership review.

It is expected that all members and guests of members will behave in a polite, proper and respectful fashion at all times whilst on the premises.

Members and their guests consent to filming and sound recording as members of the audience.  Both photos and video taken at each event may be displayed on PST website.  Members can opt out of this by informing a member of management.

Disciplinary Procedure
Should a member infringe the rules of PST, or make him or herself obnoxious to another member, or be considered guilty of misconduct, or be likely to or have brought the club into disrepute, he or she may be expelled with immediate effect.

Such conduct may include, but is not limited to, disruptive, violent or abusive behaviour.
The duty managers may evict or exclude any member or guest whose behaviour they consider to amount to misconduct.

PST reserves the right to exclude any member or guest without stating a reason.

Any member that is permanently barred from PST as a result of a breach of these rules will not be entitled to a refund of his/her annual membership fees.

Members’ complaints shall be put in writing to the club Manager or the Membership Secretary and will be fully considered, if necessary, by the management and/or Membership Committee.

The club welcomes all suggestions which can be made via a Feedback Form available from reception, or in the place provided in the Members Area of the club website.

Nothing in these rules shall be construed as attempting to limit PST’s liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence.

PST shall not be liable for any damage to or loss or theft of any member’s personal property while on the premises.

Interpretation of the Rules
In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these rules, the matter shall be referred to the Membership Committee, whose decision shall be final.

Governing Law
These rules shall be governed by the law of England and Wales and the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute between a member and PST arising out of or in relation to these.

All membership details will be subject to the data protection act.

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