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Listening Sessions @PST….. Thursday 6th February 2014….. 20:00 – 00:00.

Listening Sessions is an opportunity for up and coming producers to get their music heard by other producers and like-minded people, get some constructive feedback from other beatmakers and hear their own work on a real club soundsystem.

Due to the awesome success we had with December’s event, we have realised that we are going to need more structure to make sure everyone gets a chance to play their tracks, so we’ve come up with the following format for the night:

We will showcase 16 producers per session, all each getting the opportunity to play 3 tunes – this will allow for approximately 15 minutes per artist, giving us 4 hours (20:00 – 12:00) of brand new tracks from up and coming artists for Birmingham and beyond!


Each producer will have the opportunity to play three tracks that last around five minutes each.

The tracks need to be provided on both a CD and a digital device – i.e an MP3 player, mobile phone, laptop etc (basically anything with a jack input) or on a vinyl record.

This is so the session runs smoothly and there are no major breaks in the music. As the tunes will be able to be played through the formats (CDJs,turntable and line in) so the next producer can be ready to play their tune without having to spend time unplugging and taking CDs out etc.

The 16 producers playing their tunes will need to turn up at 19:30 – this is so that the running order for the night can be established.

At 19.30, we will put the 16 producers names into a hat and draw them out. The order that they come out will be the order of who will play first.

To make this clear, each producer plays their tune in the order determined by the name draw:

From the 1st – 16th (thats the 1st tune)

then it will start from the beginning:

1st – 16th (thats the 2nd tune)

and then again:

1st -16th (thats the 3rd tune)

For this first session the 16 producers will be confirmed by writing on the event page or getting in contact with either Mat or Tom via phone, email, etc.

To play at next month’s event – i.e the February session – there will be a list at the session where you will be able sign up to play at next month’s session. This will be a first come first served situation.

There will be two lists, one for the producers who are playing at the session on the night and one list for those who want to play at the next session.

This is because no producer can play 2 months in a row, which will mean that you won’t have to wait too long to play your tunes at the next event.

For each session there will be a host to announce the title producer of each track (if there is producer that doesn’t want their tune announced we respect that, just tell the host you don’t want it mentioned).

Entry will once again be between 8pm and 9pm (otherwise you will need to contact someone in the venue to let you in)

We are really looking forward to seeing what you’ve all cooked up over the Christmas period, and don’t forget everyone is welcome, even if you don’t have anything you want to play, come down to sip a Red Stripe as the bar will be open and enjoy some of the awesome talent that Birmingham has to offer!