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”BOSCH” ……….. Fri 3rd May 2013 start time 22:00 – 05:00

After the last successful bouncing beatathon that was the first BOSH night back in February where our very own Shuddervision Soundsystem teamed up with DON’T Recordings for a second collaborative night at PST, we’re back for a second Bosh and third time teaming up with Jerome and crew.

The last Bosh was one of the best nights we’ve done in terms of positive vibes and mass of energetic smiley people in the area and we’re aiming to get that PST dancefloor jumping with wall to wall revellers once again.

Early bird tickets £7 available NOW!!!!!!!!!

This time, crammed into the Don’t-mobile and speeding up the M1 to Bosh up the main room we bring you:

RADIOACTIVE MAN (Rotters Golf Club/Wang Trax/Fabric)

CURSOR MINER (LIVE) – (Don’t/Lo Recordings, Unchartered Audio)

JEROME HILL (Don’t/Fat Hop/Origin FM)

Plus, our very own West Midlands based musical mischief makers:

HARVEY LANE (House of God/Veto)

DIGITS McPHEE (Shuddervision/BarnBoppers)

K-LAPSE (Shuddervision/BarnBoppers)

Art ill (Shuddervision)

Christy (Shuddervision)

Robber Byker (Stewpigity /Shuddervision)

Ed Conrad (Distant Planet/ Timeless Promotions/ Stewpigity)

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